DeeJ Experience Music and Speaking Ministry

Through many years and experiences, I have been fortunate to be in a lot of different churches and meet a lot of people. As such I do not like to call one church home because, the building called “church” is just that…a building. Church as in the Body of Christ, now that’s what I consider my home church. However, being in a building for church is important to me because it is where I learn more about the God that loves me and knows me by name. It is where we learn together, and address problems together and we grow in faith together (Hebrews 10:25).

Church family is important to me, but even larger is the Church family as a whole. I try to make myself available to play guitar and lead worship for churches in need or just to step in to give other worship leaders, groups a break.

At times it’s just me and other times a couple guys join me. My friends Jason Lalewicz plays lead guitar and does some vocals, and Eric Schrimper Plays Bass Guitar. We help out at a local outreach in Erie called Glutton and Drunken Church…don’t worry its just a name…although its just a place or a “Bar” it’s still Church….Great sermons and people gathering together to worship and learn about God. Just happens to be in a Bar….But rest assured its 100% church 😉

On top of these many opportunities it’s safe to say that I do not like being locked into one building. God has given me a gift and I like to share and help where I am needed. If you are interested in my help weather its just a week or maybe every other week a month…. whatever the case may be I would love to help. We try to adapt to the Church in need but, we are mostly contemporary worship practiced. I also like to come into these places of worship and share my story of what I have gone through what God has pulled me out of and the things God has done in, for and through me. To share God’s word through my eyes and hopefully inspire others to do the same. If you are interested in having a DeeJ Experience day please feel free to get a hold of me I will help wherever I can.

To schedule Music Ministry or speaking engagement please contact me at (814) 790-2626 or email me at (